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Eating For Abs coaches are world class, experienced, and highly certified in their respective disciplines. We'll help you find your most efficient path to your goal, starting at your unique starting point.

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  • Establish Great Health

    Priority ONE is to establish great health. Health is the foundation for all of the changes we’ll make together from weight loss, promoting lean muscle or performance gains. Great health makes these goals effortless and lasting.

  • Weight Loss and Maintenance

    Weight loss is simple, when we get out of our own way.  Dieting and calorie counting are complex and an emotional roller coaster. We’ll teach you to drop excess pounds and inches one simple behavior at a time in such a way that teh results are lasting.

  • Improve Athletic Performance

    Do you need to make weight, shave a few seconds off your time, or just be able to to go longer? We know all about it and will show you how to get out of the way of your impending success.

Hundreds of people just like you achieve with Eating For Abs

Meet a few of our clients and hear how Eating For Abs has impacted their lives.

I was asked to be in my cousin’s wedding. Little did I know the dress was made for girls that had nothing to hide and were size ZERO.

E4A changed my life! Everything I KNEW was healthy was all wrong. Wedding day, the dress zipped up with NO problems. I felt great and CONFIDENT!

Meghan Franklin Park, NJ

I have so much more energy during my workouts and life in general. The most shocking thing was when my doctor told me I didn't have to be on my cholesterol and hypertensive medications anymore!

Thank you for this genius course. I never thought it was possible to feel this way. You guys changed my life... LITERALLY.

Taj Washington, DC

Word is getting out. Industry insiders are raving.

Join us at The Better Body Blueprint, the ultimate event for injury-free training.

Join us for a full day, interactive work-shop designed for those entering or re-entering the gym with fitness and functional movement coach, Donovan Manley and Doctor of Physical Therapy, Kate Cleveland.

Open to all levels and designed for anyone frustrated with their lack of results and time wasted in the gym.

“Create your best body, and maximize your results in less time with less pain and less confusion.”

Course content includes:

  • Debunking common training misconceptions
  • Breathing: The Foundational Movement
  • How to perform a dynamic warm up
  • Foam rolling and avoidance of pain
  • Nutrition planning strategies for success
  • Hands on resistance training with practice and progressions
  • A Blueprint for maximizing your time and effort in the gym
  • Questions to ask your trainer

March 2015 - Atlanta, GA

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