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At Eating For Abs, we're dedicated to a single purpose — helping people reach their health and body goals.

We believe that lasting weight loss, fat loss and athletic performance are all founded on platform of great health. Health is happiness, and a little weight loss helps too.

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3 Things You REALLY Need to Learn for Great Health

Coach Be: Daily

3 Things You REALLY Need to Learn for Great Health

Happy New Year Folks!

I know many of us are using the start of the year as a benchmark for renewing our commitment to taking better care of our health, and maybe dropping a few pounds. For most people that means dusting off your very lightly used gym membership.

Now if you’ve been reading my messages for a while, you know I talk about the power of nutrition but the truth is we need to start somewhere else.

Here’s what you need to know. Our bodies can live for minutes without oxygen, a few days without water and several weeks without food.

So before you hit the gym, here are the three things you want to give some thought to learning:

  1. How to breathe,
  2. How to hydrate, THEN
  3. How to eat.

There’s a reason the gyms are packed in January, and back to normal in April is because most people skip the foundational steps that will make their efforts successful.

Consider taking a meditation class which will help you learn to breathe. Then track your water intake for a few days to see how much you’re actually drinking. Of course when you’re ready to learn what to eat, how much to eat, and in what proportions for lasting healthy weight management contact us for coaching.

Happy New Year, and have a wonderful day.

-Coach Be

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Coach Be: Daily

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