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At Eating For Abs, we're dedicated to a single purpose — helping people reach their health and body goals.

We believe that lasting weight loss, fat loss and athletic performance are all founded on platform of great health. Health is happiness, and a little weight loss helps too.

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Welcome to the Eating for Abs Affiliate Home Page

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Dear referral partners,

Earn a 25% commission of every referral you make you when you promote The Ultimate Nutrition Course, or our 21 Day Hardcore program E4A21!

If you currently have friends, family, a client list, an on-line newsletter, a website, a blog, forum, write on-line articles, Instagram, or do PPC marketing, you can easily make money by sharing the magic of our LIFE-CHANGING course. The Ultimate Nutrition course is based on tried and proven nutrition and change management concepts. This course has helped hundreds of people in countries AROUND THE WORLD establish GREAT health, lose excess body fat and build a strong, lean physique.

To be honest, the program just flat out WORKS, and that’s why we stand behind it. We have a very low refund rate, and receive raving reviews from our students and alumni (just look at some of the testimonials). We’re looking for honest, trustworthy people to help spread the word and promote our life-changing program, while earning a nice commission at the same time. Here is a detailed overview of the Eating For Abs Affiliate Program:

  • You will make a whopping 25% commission on registrations that originate from your affiliate link; tracking is done automatically.
  • You don’t need to worry about product delivery, customer questions, or anything at all…just promote your link and any sales you refer, we’ll transfer your commission!
  • You can use your affiliate link however you’d like to promote Eating For Abs. However, no spam! We don’t want to be associated in any way with dishonest or immoral practices.
  • You can use an opt-in mailing list, a website, a social media following (such as fanpage), a free blog or forum, article marketing, a pay-per-click campaign, or even just emails to your friends/colleagues to promote your link and make commissions.

Here are some email promos, articles, and other affiliate content that you may use with your affiliate links. We want to make it easy for you to promote our site and our coaching programs to your list.[/text_block]

Your referral partner links:

Affiliate Link to The Ultimate Nutrition Course:

Affiliate Link to E4A21 – our 21 Day Fat loss challenge:

Affiliate Link to the Eating For Abs Blog:

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DO NOT link to these images directly.

Right-click on image, save it on your desktop, and then upload to your web site.

Here’s sample code to insert into your web page:

<a href=”https://eatingforabs.com/dap/a/?a=1″><img src=”http://yoursite.com/images/image.jpg></a>

Here are some images and banners you can use to link to our website















Remember that this course appeals to almost all of society, so the opportunities for us to pay you a big fat check (what we WANT to do) are almost endless. The reason for this is that this product appeals to everyone from obese people that want to lose a lot of weight, all the way down to fit people and bodybuilders that just want to “lose that last bit of fat”… and also everybody in between those extremes.

While most of the general population in the fitness niche doesn’t know what an affiliate link is, we still recommend embedding your link in a shortened as via www.tinyurl.com or www.bit.ly so that the affiliate link format isn’t visible for others to see.

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