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We believe that lasting weight loss, fat loss and athletic performance are all founded on platform of great health. Health is happiness, and a little weight loss helps too.

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Aisha: From heart surgery to great health

Aisha: From heart surgery to great health

Back around 2008, my team and I started hosting annual retreats in South Beach. There was yoga, meditation, boot camps, great food and of course parties.  That’s when I first met Aisha.

Since that time a lot has happened.  Though I’m sure there were some trying times, but through the work she’s done, and finding her passion for climbing she’s achieved incredible progress.

Her story is inspiring.  Check it out, in her words…

“Okay, Coach! This was me when I first started climbing back in Jan/Feb 2014.

Even getting to this point (being at the gym, climbing) was a story because climbing was my way to reconnect with my body following open heart surgery in 2012. Anyway, it’s worked and still working!!!

I got bit by the climbing bug and love being outdoors and active when I can! In January of 2015, I got serious about my climbing/adventure goals and started a workout at the gym called The Road. IT SUCKED but I fell in love with the hard work!

Aisha progress

That’s where E4A came in (and right on time!) I was working out a lot – hour long workouts 3 times per week plus half hour core classes and climbing in between…but my diet was not great and I needed help dropping fat to get lighter for climbing. Using the food plan portion of ‪#‎EatingForAbs‬, I started losing!

In this photo, I was close to wearing a size 16. Now I’m in a size 8!

My diet wanes every now and then, but I go back to my ‪#‎E4A‬ shopping list and commit to starting all over. :)”

Aisha’s story highlights two keys to the success of any change effort: She found joy, and she took the long view.

Way to go Aisha.

When you’re ready for help, join us.


Aisha’s heart’s desire: climbing (2016)

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