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All Salmon is Not Equal

Coach Be: Daily

All Salmon is Not Equal

We talked about fish last week. Here are a few good reasons to add salmon to your holiday tables, and which filets to choose.

Salmon is high in healthy fats and protein, so it tends to get it’s share of attention in articles and talk shows. Don’t be mistaken though, it’s not all equal. Wild caught salmon is much better than “farm raised” salmon. Farmed fish are raised in captivity, trapped in small spaces and caused to dwell in their own filth. To fight these conditions, farmed salmon are given antibiotics, which can be passed onto us when we ingest the fish.

You think that’s bad? It gets worse. Farmed salmon are fed a combination of GMO say and corn, which is cost effective, but not in their natural diet. The fish end up growing grey colored, not the salmon Crayola color you’re used to. In order to achieve that peachy-pink color you see in the grocery, a coloring additive is added to farm raised salmon’s food. Yes. The fish is “dyed” in order to achieve as close to it’s natural color as possible again. You should be thinking “this is NOT good, I wish I was taught this sooner.” Me too.

Wild salmon on the other hand are naturally orangy-red, from living a natural lifestyle and eating it’s natural diet. They are largely antibiotic and chemical free. This is the only choice when it comes to good-for-you salmon. Add it to your shopping list.

Have a wonderful holiday (US), and be sure to spend the time with people you love.

-Coach Be

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Coach Be: Daily

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