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The muddy water of health information – Coach Be Daily

The muddy water of health information – Coach Be Daily

Last night I was on a late call with a friend and fellow wellness professional who had earlier in the day had a conversation about Urine Therapy.

Urine therapy, also known as Autotherapy, has it’s roots in Ayurvedic medicine, the ancient healing traditions of India. Urine therapy basically involves drinking ones own urine, applying it to the skin, or injecting it under the belief that this has healing powers.

Now, I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m not doing this, and my look of disgust when boxer Juan Manuel Márquez drank his urine on HBO’s 24/7 was telling despite the fact that he knocked out Manny Pacquiao afterward (#MannyAreYouOk?).

Manny Are You Ok?

That being said, my friend is a believer by default. The person he was speaking with claimed to have cured his own cancer using urine therapy.

Meanwhile, my training is science and engineering. When he asked my thoughts on the topic my response was simple: The research doesn’t back up the claims (which include treatment for cancer, HIV/AIDS, hair loss, arthritis and more.)

Now whether one day we find out that urine therapy is a panacea or not, this points out the problem I have with health and wellness (weight loss, etc) information in the marketplace today: MUCH of it is contradictory, created just to sell a product or create an expert, and too little of it is research based.

My practice and my perspectives are research based which helps clear the muddied water of information.

As new information is revealed, so will our practice change. We teach and practice what’s been proven to be beneficial and move you toward your goals, and that’s how we’ll stay.

I think a point to take away is that major shifts in wellness dogma are still occurring. Researchers are continually exploring the edges of our understanding. At the same time the next marketing schemes backing unproven, sometimes useless, sometime harmful products and practices are being created. Guard your trust carefully when it comes to health information, and when you need clarification seek the help of a professional.

-Coach Be

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