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Whoever smell’t it, dealt it – Coach Be: Daily

It’s normal to pass gas.

Yes falls, the ladies DO toot also, no matter what you believe when you’re dating in your 20s.

Super frequent gas, or bloating isn’t normal, however. Chances are it’s your diet. Processed snacks, excessive sugar, dairy and wheat are common problem starters.

Want to turn things around? Here are a few steps:

Relax and slow down. Eat slowly. You’re food isn’t going anywhere unless it’s alive and has legs. (Side note: have you seen the video circling the net of the squirming octopus dish in Japan?)

Try a digestive enzyme supplement with your meals.

Eat dinner early. Eating late can lead to indigestion and diminished absorption of nutrients by depleting stomach fluids when they are going in to rest mode.

Eat smaller meals. No need to stuff yourself. Food is plentiful.

-Coach Be


Tea vs Stress – Coach Be: Daily

This weekend our friends at Brooklyn Tea hosted a rooftop tea party to acknowledge the launch of BrooklynTea.com.

I’m excited to see passionate people share their passion with the world, and also to see the impact that tea education can have on Brooklyn, NYC, and the world.

I talk about the health benefits of having a green tea habit often. In my home I keep a pitcher of fresh brewed green tea on the refrigerator door.

In addition to green, herbal teas can be beneficial by relieving symptoms of stress. As my buddy says, “Stress isn’t taking any days off. We can’t afford to either.”

Herbal teas are made from the flowers, leaves, seeds, stalks and roots of plants. As a result they contain nourishment for our central nervous system.

Try slowing down. Turn off the screens. Brew and enjoy a cup of one of the following herbal teas:

  • Camomile
  • Gensing
  • Hops
  • Kava
  • Valerian
  • Passionflower
  • Lemon balm

Let me know what you try.

-Coach Be


Nourish Your Million Dollar Smile – Coach Be: Daily

Who do you think has the better smile, me or Jill? I’m betting on her. She gets paid to look incredible, meanwhile I’m the guy telling you to put the cake down 😉

Our teeth require similar nutrition as required to build strong bones.

Good sources of calcium include:

  • Sesame seeds
  • Quinoa
  • Dark leafy greens like collards, kale and mustard greens
  • Seaweed
  • Edamame

Though dairy products contain significant amounts of calcium, they are inefficiently absorbed by the body, so look to plant sources for a better option.

Other vital minerals for healthy teeth include magnesium, and silica, both which are available readily in vegetables and whole grains.

Have a great day.


-Coach Be


Growing Healthy Nails – Coach Be: Daily

You know those white spots On your nail? They’ve been showing up for years, so much to the point that you probably don’t notice them anymore, right?

Despite what you’ve heard about calcium deficiencies etc, those are typically the result of some simple physical trauma to the nail bed. Smashed your finger in a drawer 6 weeks ago? Probably.

However if your nails turn distinctly white over time, you’ll want to see your physician as that can be an indication of a larger problem, possibly connected to your liver.

Growing healthy nails is, as we say, an inside-out job. It’s heavily dependent on our diet.

As with our hair, nails require protein and minerals to grown strong, and flexible.

Be sure you’re getting an abundance of whole food proteins as found in beans and legumes, lean meats, and consider adding sea vegetables to your daily diet.

Y’all welcome.


-Coach Be 



Your Thyroid and Your Waistline – Coach Be: Daily

Did you know…

The thyroid gland controls the metabolism of your body by regulating energy production and oxygen uptake.

Stress can negatively impact thyroid function (do a little side reading on stress chemistry and the fight or flight response.)

Overstimulation of the thyroid is caused by sugar consumption, caffeine and alcohol consumption, sending the thyroid into a state of exhaustion.

This leads to weight gain.

So the next time your favorite bakery send you a coupon for coffee and donuts, consider passing. When it comes to chemistry, the answers aren’t as simple as walking it off.

-Coach Be


The Root of Type-2 Diabetes – Coach Be: Daily

When we eat, glucose from the breakdown of the food is absorbed into our blood. The body takes what it needs for power and sustenance, and then produces insulin to reduce glucose levels back to normal. Excess glucose is converted in to glycogen and stored in the liver.

When eating a healthy diet this process works perfectly, but on the typical, carbohydrate laden Western diet the balance is seriously disrupted.

When eating what’s unfortunately become normal, our bodies have to produce increasing amounts of insulin to break down the sugars. Eventually our bodies become resistant to the elevated levels of insulin and instead of converting the excess glucose to glycogen, it’s converted into fat and stored.

This arms race between sugar and our body’s natural process is a battle the body often loses as sugars become more refined and available in abundance.

Without making dietary and lifestyle improvements our natural processes are eventually overwhelmed, creating hormonal imbalance and the need for medicine.

These are the roots of type-2 diabetes.

-Coach Be


What’s STOPPING You from Losing Weight? – Coach Be Daily

Have you struggled with your weight? Understanding the basics will help.

We gain weight when the energy we take in from food and drink exceeds the amount of energy we use via metabolic processes and movement. In the body, excess energy is stored as fat, so if you find yourself wanting to rid yourself of jiggle, you’ll want to lose fat, and promote lean mass.

These factors work against your weight loss:

  • Excessive food intake
  • Eating the wrong foods
  • Lack of exercise
  • Poor digestive function
  • Colon or bowel problems
  • Poor metabolic function
  • Mineral deficiencies
  • Insulin imbalances
  • Water retention
  • Thyroid problems

Prioritize establishing health, then work on fat loss through consistent positive behaviors.

-Coach Be


Nutrition: Your BIG Ally in Health and Weight Loss – Coach Be Daily

When it comes to your health, the foods you eat are prime players.

Smart nutrition can help your body:

  • Supply nutrients to the blood that can unclog arteries , naturally reduce cholesterol, and create blood clot solvents.
  • Play a major role in your body’s fight against cancer .
  • Fight the impact of aging , slowing down your body’s deterioration.
  • Ward off common colds and the flu and stimulate your body’s natural defenses.
  • Prevent headaches and asthma attacks.
  • Promote healthy skin , nails and hair growth.
  • Boost your sex drive and fertility.

Aligning our behaviors with our body’s design, eating a well designed diet and prioritizing healthy behaviors can make is look and feel incredible.

-Coach Be


Are you working against your own weight loss? – Coach Be Daily

Answer these few yes/no questions to determine whether you’re working against, or in line with your immune system.

Do these describe you?

  • A diet high in processed or sugary foods?
  • Amalgam dental fillings?
  • Exposure to poor air quality on a regular basis?
  • A lack of exercise?
  • Short or broken sleep hours?
  • Smoking and/or drinking alcohol frequently?
  • Use a microwave oven to heat your food regularly?

The more questions you’ve answered ‘yes’ to, the more you’re working against your immune system and your ability to heal.

Turn some of those yes answers to no, and you’ll be doing yourself a HUGE favor.

-Coach Be


The SECOND most important thing for your body – Coach Be: Daily

Your body is 60 percent water, your brain is over 85 percent water, blood is 90 percent water, and muscles are 75 percent water.

So there’s no mystery that you’re dehydrated your cognitive ability and physical performance drop dramatically.

Water balances and regulates almost every system in the body, including temperature regulation, digestion, and waste removal.

Make it your goal to drink a minimum of 64 ounces of water daily, as we lose that amount daily through sweat, urine and basic respiration.

Thank me later.

-Coach Be


Think like a BIG loser – Coach Be: Daily


Your internal dialogue is the constant stream of conversation happening in your head all day.

What does yours say? “I can’t do that. I don’t have time. That won’t work for me. I’m too tired. I’ve tried that before. I’ll always be over weight…”

If so, is there any question why you’re not sitting on the poolside with your best body and in great health? Our most successful students (biggest losers) just don’t think like that. And that’s not because they are ripped. They started thinking that way BEFORE they ever achieved big success. It’s what made them believe they COULD succeed.

Our successful losers think thoughts like “I can do it. This will work. That didn’t work, but let’s try this instead. So I screwed up this morning, I can do better right now.”

Change your thinking.

-Coach Be

Wedding toast alcohol

Who SHOULDN’T Drink Alcohol – Coach Be: Daily

We’ve all heard the buzzing that red wine has some helpful properties. Throw in the terms antioxidants and flavonoids and some of you lose your minds and become Olivia Pope without the TV diet.

(Before I go on let me be clear that alcohol consumption stalls fat loss, sometimes for days.)

For some people, the risks of alcohol outweigh the benefits.

Abstain from alcohol if you:

  • Have an increased risk of breast cancer
  • Are prone to depression or other mental illness
  • Have liver disease or GI problems
  • Have a personal or family history of addiction
  • Take medications that interact with alcohol (ask your pharmacist)

-Coach Be

Wedding toast alcohol

Layover food

Eating Healthy While Traveling – Coach Be Daily

Good morning!

I’ve just returned from international travel.

I had an incredible experience full of cultural exchange, great food and friendship.

Travel food was on par with what I would have done in my home environment as well; a lot of water, and delicious teas and coffees at local small businesses.

Also, I’ve found that though it may cost more than other more common options like burgers and things, I was able in most places to find E4A compliant food.

For example, I was stuck with a 5-6 hour layover in Ft. Lauderdale. So I opted to leave the airport for food, sun and wifi: THE Trifecta 🙂


The muddy water of health information – Coach Be Daily

Last night I was on a late call with a friend and fellow wellness professional who had earlier in the day had a conversation about Urine Therapy.

Urine therapy, also known as Autotherapy, has it’s roots in Ayurvedic medicine, the ancient healing traditions of India. Urine therapy basically involves drinking ones own urine, applying it to the skin, or injecting it under the belief that this has healing powers.



Watch this game changer – Eric O’Grey’s progress

“I’m either going to die, or I’m going to do something.”

Eric O’Grey’s story has been circling the internet for a while now, but it’s told best by him, here in video. Eric found himself in an unhealthy, unhappy way, and thanks to an insensitive remark by a fellow traveler on a flight, he recognized that he needed to make a change.

“So I looked in the phone book and found a nutritionist near me and the first thing she told me to do was to adopt a rescue dog.”

He changed his diet, one step at a time and he and Peety began walking. Before long his entire life changed.