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We believe that lasting weight loss, fat loss and athletic performance are all founded on platform of great health. Health is happiness, and a little weight loss helps too.

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Shaw U President's Office

E4A Nutrition Seminar Shaw University with B. Good Restaurant

Coach Be

Recently I was invited to share nutrition tactics and strategies with the faculty, staff and students of Shaw University in Raleigh, NC as a part of their SLAY Week programming.

To make things even better we reached out to our friends at B. Good Restaurant and with their help we turned the seminar into a lunch & learn event, feeding everyone locally sourced delicious food.

In the session we covered a short list of behaviors that, when adopted, make losing pounds of unwanted body fat a much easier venture. Also, we talked about common “diet foods,” most of which are either horrible for us, or don’t taste great. I love delicious food and am not giving it up any time soon! So the changes we talked about adopting, that leads to our health and body goals, always include keeping delicious food on the table.

Coach Be: Daily

Crawl before you walk…

It’s the top of the year. The gyms are packed with folks with their heads full of steam trying to fit back into their high school varsity jackets. I’m sure that’s not you 🙂

We need to have a sensible approach to our goals, and produce an effort that’s long enough lasting to succeed.

If you don’t currently exercise much, take it easy as you begin. Heck, I’d suggest NOT starting at the gym, start out in the world. Do some stretching, or go for a long walk 4-5 days a week outdoors.

Ease yourself into movement before you go hard. I know it’s not in the brochure, but more people bounce off of hardcore training like Crossfit, than the number of people who stick with it. The culprit? Injuries.

Give yourself a couple weeks of consistent, light activity and mobility work to prepare your body for the next phase.

You’ll never reach the goal if you’re sidelined by an injury.

Make sense?

Good. Catch you later.

-Coach Be

Coach Be: Daily

3 Things You REALLY Need to Learn for Great Health

Happy New Year Folks!

I know many of us are using the start of the year as a benchmark for renewing our commitment to taking better care of our health, and maybe dropping a few pounds. For most people that means dusting off your very lightly used gym membership.

Now if you’ve been reading my messages for a while, you know I talk about the power of nutrition but the truth is we need to start somewhere else.

Here’s what you need to know. Our bodies can live for minutes without oxygen, a few days without water and several weeks without food.

So before you hit the gym, here are the three things you want to give some thought to learning:

  1. How to breathe,
  2. How to hydrate, THEN
  3. How to eat.

There’s a reason the gyms are packed in January, and back to normal in April is because most people skip the foundational steps that will make their efforts successful.

Consider taking a meditation class which will help you learn to breathe. Then track your water intake for a few days to see how much you’re actually drinking. Of course when you’re ready to learn what to eat, how much to eat, and in what proportions for lasting healthy weight management contact us for coaching.

Happy New Year, and have a wonderful day.

-Coach Be

Coach Be: Daily

Lose Weight Without Even Trying – Environment Matters

There are simple rules that we’ve all heard before that, when practiced consistently, will help us move toward the healthier version of ourselves. Unfortunately, many of those common sense rules require discipline, and are pitted directly against their well marketed, designed to tantalize your brain, alternatives. Ice cream vs Apples, spinach vs pasta, it can be a very tough thing to do.

In our coaching practice, we prefer NOT to rely on student’s discipline for dodging food options that would set them back. Instead we work with them on creating minimums of positive behaviors and foods that in turn displace some of the negative options. We’re not telling you “no,” we’re telling you “this” must happen first. Make sense?

A major tool for creating progress lies in the shaping of our environment. If you wanted to stitch a garment, work on n automobile, or improve your jump shot, all of those activities have environments that are conducive to success, right? The same is true for weight loss, and there are a few simple changes that you can start doing NOW that will help you make progress come easier.READ MORE

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Don’t Wait Until January…

Recently I’ve been asking myself (and asking YOU) a series of pointed questions. Some have been easy to answer, and some needed to rattle around in the brain for a while before a great answer appears.

One of the questions I’ve asked myself was regarding adding a new sweatshirt design to our lineup. I asked what one word would be important enough to add to emblazon the chest? It shouldn’t be hard, after all we have MANY repeat phrases 😉 Those of you who we’ve coached have heard many of them: “Do Today,” “Unlearn,” “You’re already consistent.” The list goes on.

The one that came to me and stuck was “PRESENT.” It’s all our loved ones want from us when they really care about something. Kids want it from us at their recitals, and our friends want our heads out of our phones when we’re at dinner together. Be present. It’s also the only time that we can make a difference. We can only act now, in the present.
So I know many of you have goals and aspirations for 2017. You may think “I’ll start in January.” Well, I’m here to challenge you and help you out. That starts with not letting you make the mistake of waiting.

Start NOW, in the present.

-Coach Be

Coach Be: Daily

Make it Easy: Prep as you put away

When the good stuff is there and ready when you open the fridge, you’re more likely to eat it.

If not, you’re more likely to dive head first into lesser options that will slow down your progress or even move you further from your goals. So after shopping, devote a half hour to washing and prepping food items before you put them away.

Wash and rinse veggies and fruits, and set them in appropriate storage. Consider bagging and seasoning meats, and boiling eggs in advance. Use your salad spinner to wash and spin greens for easy use later.

This short time investment will save you hours, thought, and regret later as EVERYTHING is easier when ingredient are at hand and ready to use or eat.

Make sense? Of course it does.

Have a great day.

-Coach Be

Coach Be: Daily

All Salmon is Not Equal

We talked about fish last week. Here are a few good reasons to add salmon to your holiday tables, and which filets to choose.

Salmon is high in healthy fats and protein, so it tends to get it’s share of attention in articles and talk shows. Don’t be mistaken though, it’s not all equal. Wild caught salmon is much better than “farm raised” salmon. Farmed fish are raised in captivity, trapped in small spaces and caused to dwell in their own filth. To fight these conditions, farmed salmon are given antibiotics, which can be passed onto us when we ingest the fish.

Coach Be: Daily

Big Fish. Little Fish.

The bigger and older the fish (have you seen those HUGE catfish in the Amazon, or huge tuna?), the more mercury it is likely to contain.

Mercury disputes our body’s ability to energize cells and is linked to increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

The reason there is mercury in fish in the first place is that it’s a byproduct of our pawer plants. It’s released into the air and settles in the water. Tiny plankton absorb the mercury and are eaten by little fish. The little fish, in turn, are eaten by larger fish.

Coach Be: Daily

Your feet are the foundations of relaxation

Be nice to your tootsies.

While you’re at your desk, kick off your shoes and roll a lacrosse or even a golf ball underneath one foot, then the other for five minutes. This simple activity releases tension in the tiny muscles that hold up your entire body all day, and that release trickles up your entire system.

Minimize the time your spend in shoes that are unkind to you feet. Ladies, your high heels impact your whole body – knees, hips, spine, and neck. When you take them off, take a few minutes to not just relax your feet, but to stretch out your entire body. Roll your feet out, stretch your calf muscles and assume your favorite yoga position to release your spine.

Let your feet be your foundation for relaxation.

You’ll thank me later.

-Coach Be


Coach Be: Daily

A Few Words on Diabetes – Diabetes Awareness Month


Diabetes is the fastest growing health threat of our time. In the US, over 29 Million people are living with diabetes and over 86 Million adults are living with pre-diabetes.

Those of us not currently managing diabetes, likely know someone close to us that is. Whether you’re managing it or not, you’re certainly paying for it. The annual cost of diabetes in the US is over $500 Billion, and for individuals, healthcare costs are 2.3 times what their costs would be without diabetes.

This is major problem that’s moving us AWAY from our goal of more time together and more happiness.

Fortunately, with consistent lifestyle changes type-2 diabetes is preventable and reversible.

Seek out the help of a certified diabetes educator, and ask them for advice on making the necessary changes.

In the Eating For Abs course we focus on 4 areas of change: Environment, Activity, Rest, and Nutrition. When we align those 4 areas of our lives toward the goal of healing and thriving, amazing things happen.

Have a wonderful day, and take care of each other.

-Coach Be

Angela Benton

Angela Benton: On Business and Health

I met Angela about 6 years ago, when she and I were on a Google panel discussion together.

Since that time we have both gone on to build our respective brands in the direction of our passions: I’ve grown in the direction of wellness, and she’s gone on to help entrepreneurs develop their visions and grow their businesses.

This year Angela received a breast cancer diagnosis, and courageously shared her journey through treatment with the world.

Now officially a breast cancer survivor, Angela reflects on the approach that many of us take in business, and how crucial health is of a factor to our success.


How Should We Measure Our Success?

You wouldn’t know this, but up to a couple months ago I’ve been off of regular training for a year.

I packed up my home, left New York, moved to another state, started exploring the culinary delights of the South, took a year to find a new gym, you name it the challenges were there.

This summer I checked myself. I had gone too far.

I forgave the past and just “did today.” One day at a time. One habit at a time. I’m showing up to training, the grocery, in the kitchen, and at bed time. And you know what?



Everything changes when it’s not about you…

This is a true story that happened yesterday.

Recently I’ve been joined during my training sessions by two local coaching students, Johnny and Daanish.

Yesterday we trained legs, and after it was said and done we set off to finish the session with a few heavy medicine ball shuttle runs. They can be tough after everything else. When I announced them faces definitely dropped.

So we headed out back to the alley and ran lap 1, a short recovery then lap 2. The guys we’re dragging, and just before lap 3 Daanish asked “Is this the last one?”

Me: …