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The Ultimate Fat Burning Exercise

Here at E4A, we’re darn good at helping folks develop the behaviors that lead to building a lean, healthy body.

In the The Ultimate Nutrition Course, we focus on harnessing the power of incredible body fuel in order to get out of our own way and encourage our body’s inner power. The results can be amazing and can come a lot faster than and more lasting than trying to earn them solely through exercise.

That being said, we DO hit the gym (and the beach, and swim, and bike, go to yoga, crossfit, you name it…) in order to maximize our lives. So if you have excess body fat you’re looking to lose, and you’re maximizing your potential via nutrition here’s our king exercise.


Outcomes vs. Behaviors

A lot of what we are covering has to do with WHO you have to be in order to successfully navigate your way to your goals.

Change can be difficult, especially if we are still looking at the world from our “before” perspective. One of the tools we use to make progress easier is goal setting and matching with incremental behaviors.

Though we can’t absolutely control our outcomes, we can pour the energy we would have otherwise spent obsessing over those in to building and tracking the behaviors that will bring our desired outcomes to life.

Here’s how.

Coach Be

PS: The E4A course is designed for early wins, and lifelong results. If you have been keeping up with practice of the habits we’ve covered to date you should be noticing a drop in your measurements by now (you ARE measuring weekly aren’t you?). If not, check yourself on your habits, forgive any missteps or negative trending and START TODAY. It’s not too late to build positive momentum. Let us know how you’re doing.


What are Super Foods? – Coach Be on CentricTV’s Culture List

Diets suck. Don’t you agree?

The issue I have with diets is that they focus solely on eliminating foods from your day and often leave us with gaping question marks or worse, venturing into “diet food.”

In order to actually achieve lasting body composition improvements we have to be able to substitute in foods that act on our behalf and promote great health, and a great physique. And if you’re anything like me they also have to be incorporated in a way that tastes great.

Enter the Superfoods. The foods mentioned in this segment are among those that will definitely contribute to greater living when added to your day. Sure we should reduce the amount of needless calories and processed crap we eat, and while we’re at it include as many of these as possible in order to harness our body’s natural strength.

This segment is a part of the show “Culture List” a production of Centric TV. Thank you to Depelsha MacGruder and Amala Redd for inviting me, and to Health Nuts grocery store on New York’s upper east side for hosting us.

Coach Be


Tips on Beating Sugar Addiction with Actress Wendy Davis

wendy vs sugar


It’s one of the main elements of our diet that causes us to accumulate fat. What’s even worse it that it’s everywhere.

Restaurants are adding it to your meals. It’s loaded into your soft drinks, breads, and even your “healthy” snacks. Oh, and did I mention that it’s also addictive?

Sounds impossible, right? Losing weight, specifically excess body fat sure can be tough. The only chance we’ve got is to increase our know-how, and work to maximize our chances of success by shaping our environment and building great habits. That’s the essence of The Ultimate Nutrition Course. We streamline the process for learning behaviors that streamline the process.

Listen in as Coach Be discusses a few fundamental behaviors for success with actress and mom Wendy Davis, who plays Lt. Col. Joan Burton on Lifetime’s “Army Wives”. Wendy is working to improve her health and body through lifestyle change. She has introduced more activity via Crossfit, and is working through a 28 day Paleo diet challenge.

Real people need tangible solutions to tackle the sugar monster. Take a listen.



E4A Tips – How to Tweak Lessons 1 – 3

I’ve read your questions and check ins and I see we need to clear up a couple things.

Several people have raised concerns about being hungry sooner, and also have raised question about “removing 20% from our plates”. I think this will help clear up any questions you may have. Also your coaches are constantly on the look out for your questions in the discussion board. It’s proven, those who participate regularly achieve greater results! So make it a point to check in for 10 minutes daily.

Also you should be working to MASTER the lesson at hand. I promise you that the difficulty level is increasing in Phase 2, and the lessons you’ve learned in phase 1 are necessary for achieving your body goals.

Watch the message I’ve recorded for you below and feel free to ask any questions for clarification.

-Coach Be


Crossfit and Pregnancy: To Workout or Not to Workout While Expecting?


So you’re expecting a baby? Congratulations!

Should you continue your workout regimen or should you taper off? Will continuing your workout harm the baby? What should your new limitations be?

Coach Be explores this topic with Sydney based, fitness trainer Monika De Caux who continued her crossfit workout throughout her entire pregnancy. She discuses the challenges, benefits, hazards and more.

Take a listen.



Sticking to a Habit: The Definitive Guide

By Leo Babauta

The hardest thing for most people, when it comes to building habits, is sticking to it long enough for it to become ingrained.

Duh, Leo.

It’s why most people don’t exercise or eat healthy, why people procrastinate or have clutter or debt, why people smoke and drink soda, why people don’t meditate or learn new languages or write everyday or read more books.

Simply put: if you can learn to stick to a habit, you can do almost anything. I’m a good example of that.

So how do you stick to a habit? I’m going to make this as simple as possible — let’s dive in.READ MORE


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Can you really get in shape and lose weight by yourself?

It is the New Year and you are ready to hit the gym and get rid of those love handles and wiggly hands for the ladies. You picked up a copy of the top 10 weight loss books and you bought a new gym membership. Does this sound similar to the same commitment you made last year? How about the year before. Can you really lose weight by yourself? You brain has another thing or two to say about that.  Watch the video below on my thoughts on why this is a very bad idea.