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Cancer vs My Smile

Cancer vs My Smile

Yesterday, my buddy was interviewed for a podcast and among the details of his experience, he mentioned that he was mildly distracted by discoloration on the interviewer’s teeth.

What he probably didn’t know is that he touched on one of my pet peeves and an issue about which I myself am self-conscious and sensitive. As it happens I also have a small area of discoloration on a couple of my teeth that practically jumps off of photos and slaps me in the face when I see it.

Luckily I have a really great network of friends that are big time professionals in their field who actually answer the phone when I call 🙂 One is Dr. Enrique Matabar who is a talented oral surgeon in Washington, DC. I told Enrique that I was considering tooth whitening, but I was concerned about enamel and creating tooth sensitivity.

Like a true professional, he asked me questions to further understand my lifestyle and maybe shed light on the root of the problem. He asked if I drink red wines, coffee, or teas, and of course my answer is YES! (duh!)

He validated my concerns and gave me advice that I give people all the time (even coaches need coaches). When I say it, I say “The first step to getting out of the hole is to STOP DIGGING.” Basically, if I’m concerned I should stop causing damage and that means cut way back on the drinks that are causing the staining.

Now here’s where we hit a roadblock. Give up coffee???! Insanity! I’m kidding, I know how some of you love your coffee, but for me that wasn’t the issue. Tea was my big issue because it is one of my daily commitments.

I drink green tea daily, as a part of my wellness plan, for it’s many health benefits but most importantly for research that says that a daily green tea habit might help us to prevent cancer. It doesn’t take much more than that to convince me.

So I made an adjustment. I STILL drink green tea daily, and I haven’t done any tooth whitening. However I HAVE all but eliminated red wine and drink probably 1/10th of the coffee I used to drink, according to Dr. Matabar’s recommendation.

I’m in it for the long haul, stained tooth and all.


-Coach Be

PS: What questions do you have about getting healthy and losing weight?

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