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The Root of Type-2 Diabetes – Coach Be: Daily

The Root of Type-2 Diabetes – Coach Be: Daily

When we eat, glucose from the breakdown of the food is absorbed into our blood. The body takes what it needs for power and sustenance, and then produces insulin to reduce glucose levels back to normal. Excess glucose is converted in to glycogen and stored in the liver.

When eating a healthy diet this process works perfectly, but on the typical, carbohydrate laden Western diet the balance is seriously disrupted.

When eating what’s unfortunately become normal, our bodies have to produce increasing amounts of insulin to break down the sugars. Eventually our bodies become resistant to the elevated levels of insulin and instead of converting the excess glucose to glycogen, it’s converted into fat and stored.

This arms race between sugar and our body’s natural process is a battle the body often loses as sugars become more refined and available in abundance.

Without making dietary and lifestyle improvements our natural processes are eventually overwhelmed, creating hormonal imbalance and the need for medicine.

These are the roots of type-2 diabetes.

-Coach Be

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