Life-Changing, Results-Based Coaching

"Sculpt a lean physique, improve athletic performance, and above all, FEEL GREAT while achieving your body goals."

I’m Coach Be Moore, curriculum designer for the Eating For Abs coaching services.

My team of professionals and I teach people just like you to achieve their best bodies and superior athletic performance using a proven methods designed to cut through all the confusing diet and training information out there to GET TO WHAT REALLY WORKS!

The best part is that we live by, train by and teach an individualized method that puts our student partners in position to succeed.

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What Makes Our 1-on-1 Coaching Great?"

  • Integration: Optimal programs achieve the integration of training, nutrition and supplementation. When one of these variables is altered, the other variables must accomodate this change. By building these three variables into your program at the same time, we eliminate any weak links in the chain of success. What you end up with is a holistic approach to physical change.
  • Individualization: Each program is custom-designed and individually tailored to your needs. Generic programs yield generic and unimpressive results; properly individualized programs yield extraordinary and astounding results. You will be amazed with what we can accomplish without drugs or stimulants.
  • Support: Joining our team means focussed support for the duration of our relationship. We use systematic, scientific, objective assessment tools to monitor your progress and ensure your success. These tools allow us to custom design your programs based on YOUR body and YOUR challenges.
  • Education: Not only do we tell you what to do, eventually, we tell you why. Some clients stay with us for years because they enjoy leaving their programs up to the experts. Yet others want to learn to do it themselves. To assist these clients, we help them achieve the underlying understanding designed to help maintain the eating and training habits we’ve helped them establish.
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“Do you Design Stand Alone Meal Plans?”

We don’t believe in one-off programs for one simple reason: they don’t deliver the results our clients deserve. First, we usually need a month or two to master our client’s unique physiology. This includes resetting sluggish metabolic rates or balancing out postural problems. Without fixing these problems, results are suboptimal. Second, as the body changes, the program must change. If we can’t monitor these changes and adjust the program, our original design becomes obsolete.

"I shared my goals with Coach Be and he came up with a game plan that would help me ultimately reach my target. He switched up my diet and training. Within the first week, I noticed a significant change in my body and performance... I felt much stronger with my lifting and I noticed my muscles were popping out more.

I highly recommend this service."

- Angela W., @onefitmom

“Do you create special programming for people with different goals?”

Of course we do!

Though we fully customize our approach, we often see 4 common options:

  • Fat Loss for Women: We’ve worked with women from all walks of life achieve their goals, from moms dropping 50 pounds to models shaping up for a photo shoot. No matter what you’re looking to do, we can help you do it.
  • Fat Loss for Men: For guys who want to get lean, put on muscle, or both. We’ve lived the example on body transformation for men, and we’ll get you in shape faster than you ever thought possible.
  • Sport or Activity Specific Coaching: For athletes pursuing sport-specific goals. We’ve worked with athletes at every level, from recreational league, to tactical and first responders, to Olympic gold medalists.
  • Custom Coaching: For anyone with special requirements and goals.

Our Specialties Include:

  • Body composition and physical alteration appraisals
  • Fat loss programming
  • Game day nutrition
  • Individualized nutrition and exercise programming
  • Individualized supplement programming
  • Injury prevention and recovery
  • Mobility and functional movement
  • Muscle gain / Strength programming
  • Natal Nutrition
  • Preparation for tactical training and first responders
  • Sport specific training
  • Women's Strength training
  • Postpartum training

“Why Do You Require a 4-Month Minimum?”

We use this time frame because we’ve found it takes about 4 months for clients to realize measurable and substantial progress towards their goal(s).

The 4-month timeframe allows clients to make significant, sustainable progress without jeopardizing their health, or using techniques too extreme to consistently follow for a lifetime.

Our first priority is to build successful long-term relationships with our clients. In fact, virtually all of our clients remain with us for longer than the minimum term of 4 months.

"When I started living the Eating For Abs lifestyle, I reached the absolute best shape of my life!

I have very high energy, and my mindset has changed completely. I never thought this would be possible.

Which guy doesn't want to look ripped at 40+??? Trust me when I say I'm no longer self conscious going to a pool party or taking a quick run in the neighborhood with no shirt.

Did I mention that looking great comes with benefits from your significant other? My wife is always touching me and saying how great I look.

If you follow your Coaches lead you’ll also be able to reach the best shape of YOUR life, Period."

- Andre F., Potomac, MD

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“Does Coaching at a Distance Work?”

Many of our clients have come to us after long, unsuccessful relationships with personal trainers or coaches, and in a short time with us have seen results that their trainers simply could not produce. Some points to consider:

  • You will have access to world-class expertise in the field of human performance and nutrition in the E4A team. Access to expertise of this caliber in your geographical region is probably limited at best.
  • Our coaching is highly personalized. Because we work from a distance, we can’t just go on “instinct” like many local coaches do. We make you collect objective data, including regular body composition testing, extensive feedback questionnaires and web-based tools to get an exact picture of how you’re doing and how your body works. We’ll get to know you very well — even if you’re halfway around the world from us.

“What Are My Responsibilities as a Coaching Client?”

We have five simple rules for you:

Do what we tell you to do. To be a client, you have to trust us, accept that we’re the experts here, and do exactly what we tell you to do. We’ve successfully helped many of people just like you. If you’re not willing to put us in control, becoming a client will be a frustrating experience and a waste of time for both sides.

Work hard. Nothing worth achieving is easy, and we don’t make any apologies here: we’re going to make you work hard. If you do, you’ll be stunned at how fast you’ll see results. If we think you’re slacking off, on the other hand, we’ll drop you.

Commit to at least four months to work together. Anything less is too little to establish a good relationship and see tangible results.

Measure every two weeks. Every two weeks, you will have to do body composition testing, which takes about 10 minutes, and fill out our feedback questionnaire, which takes another 10 minutes. This is absolutely critical to your success.

Update photos as directed. To keep you honest and motivated, every month you'll upload digital photos of yourself documenting your progress. Doing so is easy and we’ll help you get started if you’ve never done it before.

Bottom Line: If you do these things, we'll do everything in our power to ensure that you succeed. Clients who follow those five rules have extraordinary success rates. Before you begin, you’ll have to sign a commitment sheet to prove to us that you understand each rule and that you’ll uphold that commitment.

If you don’t, you won’t last long. None of these rules are optional. We only work with committed people, and those who fail to meet these standards are dropped from the program immediately. These are very reasonable requests, and essential if you want great results. If you can’t follow our five basic rules, please do not apply.

“What Do I Receive Through the Premier Coaching Program?”

  • An initial nutrition, lifestyle, health, body composition, and exercise history assessment.
  • Regular scheduled phone consultations with your coach.
  • An individualized, ever changing training program each month.
  • Individualized results based nutrition programming each month.
  • Individualized supplementation program.
  • Body composition and physical alteration appraisals.
  • Recovery appraisals.
  • An education designed to teach you the basics of integrated program design and lifestyle change.
  • Progress reports detailing where you started and how far you’ve come.
  • Bottom line… RESULTS.

Team Credentials Include:

  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)
  • ACSM Group Fitness Instructor
  • AFAA Indoor Cycling Instructor
  • Boogie Box Instructor
  • CanFit Wellness & Weight-Loss Consultant
  • Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner (CKPT)
  • CrossFit Level 1
  • Crossfit Gymnastics Level 1
  • CSEP Certified Personal Fitness & Lifestyle Advisor
  • EBFA Barefoot Training Specialist
  • FitWall Instructor
  • Functional Movement Screen Level 2
  • Graston Technique Basic Training Certified
  • ISSA-Certified Fitness Trainer
  • IYCA – High School Strength & Conditioning Specialist
  • IYCA – Youth Fitness Specialist
  • Jukari Fit to Flex Instructor
  • Licensed Massage Therapist
  • MaddDogg Spinning Instructor
  • NCCP Swim Coach
  • NLSC Aquafit Instructor
  • NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 & 2
  • TRX Certified Instructor
  • US Army Master Fitness Trainer
  • USA Weightlifting - Club Coach
  • Water Safety Swim Instructor
  • Yoga Fit – Certified Yoga Instructor

“What is the cost for coaching?”

1-on-1 Premier Coaching fee is currently $450 USD per month. There is a minimum 4-month term. That’s a four months investment in YOU ending with you making pointed progress toward your goals, feeling great and having developed the tools to maintain great fitness and health.

"I just wanted to let you know I was in a bathing suit ALL day yesterday because of 4th of July and and I got several complements. But the one that I appreciated most was a when girl I didn’t know said 'I’m sorry I’m not trying to weird but looks like you are ready to be on a cover of a fitness magazine. I want your body!' Hahaaa!!!I thought you would want to know. Thanks again for everything Coach!"

- Meghan, Franklin Park NJ

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