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Counter-Intuitive Healthy Behaviors

Counter-Intuitive Healthy Behaviors

I had a talk yesterday with a friend of mine who recently began her own wellness journey.

By her own admission, she’s neglected her health for a long time, and for health reasons, her goal is to lose over a hundred pounds.

My goal in speaking with her was to hear the guidance she was receiving, and to make myself available in case she had any specific questions.

Coming from a place where losing over 100 pounds is a real possibility means that there are likely basic understandings that, when established, can go a long way.

One particular question she had actually had a counter-intuitive answer. She mentioned that she felt like she’s been retaining water lately. So of course I asked, “Well tell me about your history of drinking water.” As you can imagine, historically she didn’t drink much if any.

The body’s behavior around this reminds me of a scene from the movie “Million Dollar Baby.” In the scene, Clint Eastwood explains to Hillary Swank how to move when boxing. He explained that for a boxer to move to her right, she does so by pushing with her left foot. The opposite of what we might think, right?

Similarly, our bodies work in amazing ways. Most commonly the reason we retain water (assuming proper kidney function) is that we haven’t had enough water, and our bodies go into survival mode, not knowing when it will get more.

Quick answer: Drink MORE water, consistently.

There are several examples like this. Our team is here to help. Send me a note if you’re interested in getting help with your own journey.

-Coach Be

PS: Have a safe and fun holiday weekend. Travel safe if you’re traveling, and remember to drink plenty of water 🙂

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