Does CROSSFIT Really Produce the Worlds FITTEST Athletes?


Crossfit is amazing.

It’s challenging, intense, and can be a darn good time.  It’s also pointed in it’s perspective, has a broad sway in the quality of it’s service, and plain isn’t for everyone.

So one day after receiving a call from Dr. Rhadi Ferguson, Team USA Judo Olympian, and undefeated MMA fighter asking me whether or not I’ve ever tried Rich Froning’s “Bring Sally Up” squat challenge I gave it a shot.  I WOD on occasion.  I’ve visited boxes across the country, and gotten my tail kicked.

The next day my training partners and I attempted the trifecta: Squats, stiff-leg deadlifts, and pushups all set to Moby’s “Flower.” Ouch.

Two weeks later we had THIS conversation on the merits and shortcomings of the sport who would be king.

-Coach Be

Part 1

Part 2




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