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Recently I’ve been asking myself (and asking YOU) a series of pointed questions. Some have been easy to answer, and some needed to rattle around in the brain for a while before a great answer appears.

One of the questions I’ve asked myself was regarding adding a new sweatshirt design to our lineup. I asked what one word would be important enough to add to emblazon the chest? It shouldn’t be hard, after all we have MANY repeat phrases 😉 Those of you who we’ve coached have heard many of them: “Do Today,” “Unlearn,” “You’re already consistent.” The list goes on.

The one that came to me and stuck was “PRESENT.” It’s all our loved ones want from us when they really care about something. Kids want it from us at their recitals, and our friends want our heads out of our phones when we’re at dinner together. Be present. It’s also the only time that we can make a difference. We can only act now, in the present.
So I know many of you have goals and aspirations for 2017. You may think “I’ll start in January.” Well, I’m here to challenge you and help you out. That starts with not letting you make the mistake of waiting.

Start NOW, in the present.

-Coach Be

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