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Why “Eating Clean” Is NOT Enough…

Why “Eating Clean” Is NOT Enough…


This is an actual recurring conversation, I hear this ALL the time. This version of it happened about two weeks ago at the juice bar in one of the gyms I frequent so it’s just the latest example. You’re going to learn TWO key lessons here:

Coach Be: So, what are you trying to do?

Mike: Well, I’m trying to get more lean. Get rid of this belly fat and uncover my abs.

Coach Be: OK. No problem. So What’s the issue?

Mike: Look, I work out regularly, and I’m GOOD on the diet. I mean I eat REALLY clean.

Coach Be: Oh… Ok. So, wait. How many servings of veggies do you get in?

Mike: Oh I’m good. I mean I eat vegetable REGULARLY.

Coach Be: Ok, so tell me how much?

Mike: DAILY! Like I said, I eat CLEAN! Like a serving every day!

Coach Be: … I see. One a day.

I mean I eat REALLY clean…

Now YOU may be reading this, thinking to yourself, “YEAH, he DOES eat pretty clean… just like me!” And if so, you probably have looked in the mirror and wished your body results were a little better.

I know. And it’s OK!

That’s part of the first lesson, and this is it:

Lesson 1: There is a SEA of confusing, often contradictory information that floods the market at all times. Millions of dollars are spent on convincing you that one product is better for you than another and beyond that, that you can buy the results you want by purchasing a product. You can’t buy the results you want.

In this example, Mike matter-of-factly defended his stance as a clean eater, and in the next breath asked what he could do to achieve the lean physique he always wanted.

Well, it’s a multi step process, but a good place to start would be eating more natural foods; increasing his vegetable intake from 1 serving most days to 5-9 per day.

The second lesson is that as a result of lesson 1, we really don’t know what is the direct way to achieve our body goals, but (here’s the key) WE THINK WE DO. That bears repeating. We Don’t know… but we think we do.

That’s right, we think we know what we have to do in order to “get right” and that becomes our new maximum. From this maximum we decide how much we’ll do or won’t do. But what if what we “know” is wrong? What if what we believe will get us our results, that magic formula that we know but don’t do, is wrong? If that stuff is insufficient or just flat out wrong then we’re in for frustration and disappointment. Sound familiar?

Eating Clean isn’t enough.

Eating clean is nebulous, non-specific and can’t be tracked.

  • What does a day of effective “clean eating” look like?
  • How do you know when you’ve done enough?
  • What are the rules?
  • Can we track it?


If the effort we make regarding any change isn’t trackable and being measured it’s insufficient. So as I read the noted posted on my friends social media walls with photos of fitness models and quotes of clean eating I’m saddened just a little. I want them to reach their goals, but I know it’s likely not to happen until they “know” just a little less.

-Coach Be

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