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Eating Healthy While Traveling – Coach Be Daily

Layover food

Eating Healthy While Traveling – Coach Be Daily

Good morning!

I’ve just returned from international travel.

I had an incredible experience full of cultural exchange, great food and friendship.

Travel food was on par with what I would have done in my home environment as well; a lot of water, and delicious teas and coffees at local small businesses.

Also, I’ve found that though it may cost more than other more common options like burgers and things, I was able in most places to find E4A compliant food.

For example, I was stuck with a 5-6 hour layover in Ft. Lauderdale. So I opted to leave the airport for food, sun and wifi: THE Trifecta 🙂


I used google maps on my phone to search 2 categories in which I know I’ll find what I’m looking for: “great salads”, and “vegetarian friendly.”

At either of those two I’ll get a list of restaurants to choose from where vegetables are a priority. Exactly what I need (so do you by the way).

No, I’m not a vegetarian, but I aim to make vegetables a high percentage of my food intake.

Also if I end up going to a vegan or vegetarian place I then look for something tasty with whatever additional protein options there or elsewhere, I can find. Protein is easy. At vegan or vegetarian places that often means edamame (great snack) or legumes (beans or lentils). Otherwise I can grab something grilled next door.

Here’s a photo of the papaya with ginger kombucha I had in the vegan restaurant I found not far from the airport.


Uber makes this easy.

At home I watch sugar in my drinks like a hawk, but they had kombucha on tap and I was burning up their wifi and had finished my meal long before.

Here are two of the staff at the restaurant that kept me company. He had a lot of laughs and a great time.

Plant Dealers

It turned out that my 6 hour layover turned into an unexpected overnight stay. It sucks to be stuck, but it worked out fine.

I have a friend in town who the next morning invited me to her to work out at Orange Theory.

The training STARTED with a 2000m row.


I sucked it up, and finished with a pretty good chart.

Orange theory fitness

It turns out my friend has a big puppy at home just like mine. I have an 80lb+ boxer named Rhodey. Her boy Drew was a welcome energy.

Also, their neighbor has a mango tree.

Drew, the beneficiary of the fallen fruit allowed me to steal one.


Before heading back to the airport, we raided the fridge.

She’s been reading “Coach Be: Daily” for a long time and her kitchen was well heeled.

The kitchen had all the standards including a ton of real ingredients, a vitamix and pressure cooker which made bringing a meal together like this a lot easier.

Layover food never looked so good.


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