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Everything changes when it’s not about you…

Everything changes when it’s not about you…

This is a true story that happened yesterday.

Recently I’ve been joined during my training sessions by two local coaching students, Johnny and Daanish.

Yesterday we trained legs, and after it was said and done we set off to finish the session with a few heavy medicine ball shuttle runs. They can be tough after everything else. When I announced them faces definitely dropped.

So we headed out back to the alley and ran lap 1, a short recovery then lap 2. The guys we’re dragging, and just before lap 3 Daanish asked “Is this the last one?”

Me: …

Now if you know me, you know how that has to go. If that may have been the last one, we might now do 10. As Puffy says “No Bitchassness.”

So we ran the third one and afterward I announced we have AT LEAST one more. Face dropped and there was some groaning, so I explained my philosophy on suffering.

The work is the work. It’s just data. Something that needs to be done. Our attitude towards it, dictates whether we suffer or not. We need to find the JOY in it.

I explained, if my Mom (who I’m sure is reading this… hi Mom) told me that she needed some life giving medicine that was the weight of this med ball, I’d ask her “how many,” and run every one of them down right now.

Not much of this eating healthy and training is about me. It’s about the people who care for me, and keeping them from the pain of visiting me sick or in hospital. Taking care of me IS taking care of them.

After we ran the 4th and final lap, the guys wanted to do another. This time it was dedicated to Johnny’s mom, Cathy. It was the fastest of all the laps… and there was zero suffering.

Have a wonderful day.

-Coach Be


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