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Feeding Growing Teens – Coach Be: Daily

Feeding Growing Teens – Coach Be: Daily

Hey folks, I hope you had a good weekend.

This weekend my family celebrated the 16th birthday of my oldest son, Amir, currently working to eat me out of house and home 🙂 In honor of his birthday, I dedicate this episode of CBD to feeding hungry teenagers.

Teens are fueling a series of massive growth spurts due to puberty. They need dietary support to fuel the massive growth demands.

Here are a few key steps that I’ve been taking around the house to ensure that they get what they need to capitalize most:

Keep the rice pot working. Energy demand is high for active teens. Complex carbs like brown rice are easy to keep readily available without having to stand by the stove. Get a rice pot or a pressure cooker.

Beans of all kinds. Beans provide plant based protein, energy via complex carbs, as well as dietary fiber. They are also very easy to prepare daily for quick grab by your big eaters.

Walnuts and fish oil. Fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K require healthy dietary fats for absorption. There are abundant benefits of adding both of these to your growing teen’s diet, but we’ll stick with just these two today.

A high quality multi-vitamin. Not that these will replace the need for a colorful, nutrient filled, diet filled with fresh vegetables and fruit, but these will provide a layer of nutritional insurance.

I’ve posted links to a few of my favorite products here. You’ll find them helpful.

Good luck!

-Coach Be

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