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Success Stories: Holly Addressed Gestational Diabetes with Simple Habits

Success Stories: Holly Addressed Gestational Diabetes with Simple Habits


Hello E4A Family! My name is Holly and I’m a 35 year old wife and mom.

While pregnant with my first child I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, which little did I know would be the beginnings of my new way of life. I decided right away, that I would try my hardest to control my blood sugar with what I ate instead using insulin shots. It helped knowing that I had to do what was best for not only me, but more importantly for my baby.

It was a bit of a struggle to begin with but I quickly came to realize what REAL food was and gained a better understanding of basic nutrition. It helped that my husband was incredibly supportive and eating the same foods as me. The beauty of Paleo eating is that it’s NOT restrictive and is DELICIOUS!!!! I eat the right foods until I’m full. There are SO many recipes out there!

Last night’s dinner in a hurry, Italian wedding soup! Meat balls, onions, spinach, broccoli & cauliflower in beef broth. Super easy and was perfect on this chilly evening!

Several years later, we now have 3 young boys and are still doing our best to maintain our Paleo way of life. Although we are not a 100 percent there with the kids yet, I try to offer as many healthy alternatives as possible. My biggest hindrance in being completely Paleo with the kids, is MY own lack of preparation. Being a mommy, I find it hard to fit it all in, but I’ve found that planning makes a world of difference with how we eat at home.

I was able to go through 2 pregnancies without any insulin, just diet controlled. And because of the paleo diet, I did not have gestational diabetes with my 3rd child at all. Babies were all three healthy and delivered without complications 🙂 Research also shows that those with gestational diabetes are more likely to develop diabetes within 5 years and I haven’t had any signs of diabetes thankfully!


Chicken salad w/ cucumber, tomatoes, green olives, avocado, red bell pepper & balsamic dressing

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