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How Should We Measure Our Success?

How Should We Measure Our Success?

You wouldn’t know this, but up to a couple months ago I’ve been off of regular training for a year.

I packed up my home, left New York, moved to another state, started exploring the culinary delights of the South, took a year to find a new gym, you name it the challenges were there.

This summer I checked myself. I had gone too far.

I forgave the past and just “did today.” One day at a time. One habit at a time. I’m showing up to training, the grocery, in the kitchen, and at bed time. And you know what?


Now if weight was my only measure of success, I’d have to consider the last 60 days a failure. I’d probably be frustrated and probably go head first into some bad behaviors.


In the last 60 days of consistent work, I’ve lost 31cm of body girth. I’m a smaller person! My clothes fit differently. Also, my squat, bench and deadlift have all increased. So has my foot speed, as my 100m and my mile times have dropped significantly. I’m getting a better quality of sleep, and I feel GREAT.

What’s happening? My body is changing. It’s getting more efficient. I’m losing pounds of body fat and gaining pounds of lean muscle.


This is also why allowing the scale to be so connected to our emotions as THE measure of success is a losing position.

Will I lose weight? Sure. And probably sooner than later. Is it as important as being LEANER, better looking, STRONGER and FASTER? Not by a long shot!

I’m following right along with you, working to be my personally best.

Keep working.


Stay the course.

-Coach Be

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