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Is your social network making you fat?

Is your social network making you fat?

I want you to watch this video below from Dr. Nicholas Christakis,  he is a pioneer in the field of health and social networks.   In this video he demonstrates how the way you look and feel i.e. your physique, happiness, and mood is strongly affected by your social network.  Grab a glass of water and be amazed at how those people around you can affect your life.  What was amazing to me is how the friends of your friends even have an impact on your life, in essence if your social network sucks more than likely you will probably suck also.  Well, at least a little bit or a lot of suck.

Let’s take a glimpse into my social network an how it affects me my mood and health.   One of the things I like about Eating For Abs is that whenever  the team gets together to work on a project it usually ends up with us heading out to do some crazy activity afterwards.   It could be hiking the Billy Goat Trail in Maryland,  or going to a Crossfit gym to see who can handle the pain.    The list goes on and on.   We may shift gears and talk about great food  and recipes that promote great health.     I also spend at least 1 day a week ( I would prefer more days, but alas I have to coach soccer and  do my list of honey do chores) hanging out with my Cycling team, the Spartans.

We tend to joke a lot and spend time discussing cycling, cycling fitness, cycling gear, cycling tweaks, cycling races on TV, and more cycling.   Think of Bubba Gump talking about shrimp and that will give you an idea of how much we talk about cycling.   Needless to say, I come away from these meetups rejuvinated all the while getting the snot kicked out of me by these guys on their bikes.   Can you tell that I really like spending time with my built in social network?   As we talk with clients we realize that they really may not have the level of support in their socail network that promotes a healthy and active lifestyle.  With that said, I want you to take some time to really watch and listens to Dr. Christakis.  Think about the impact your social network has on your fat loss and fitness journey and how you can start to change that.   After you watch the video,please leave a comment below in the comment section to let us know that you are alive.  You can say Hi Coach, Great Article Coach, or that makes sense Coach Dre, but let us know you are alive.

To your health,

Coach Dre

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