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Lessons on Change, From a Spartan Beast – Coach Be Daily

Mark Petersen

This is a segment of an article that came up in my morning reading today. It’s written by Spartan Race, Triple Trifecta finisher Mark Petersen. This is the elite level effort in the Spartan Race world. Mark, a cancer survivor and amputee competes and works to help people experience and complete in obstacle course races.

For those of us working to be the healthier, stronger, smarter, more compassionate, BEST versions of ourselves, you’ll find value in his approach to making change.

-Coach Be

“The key to different results is in taking different actions — and that requires a change.”

Sometime during the drive or walk home, the grocery shopping or during any of the other mundane things that person does after the event, a person has to make a decision to change.

Before you start making a change, you need to understand what that change will COST you.

If you decide that you need to hang on a bar for an accumulated 5 minutes every day this week, you will need to know what you’re going to have to give up to achieve it.

Do you have a bar to hang on at work or wherever you will be every day this week?
If you do, great! Divide up the total time into increments and spread it out through the day. If you need to get more creative, it might cost you.

Traveling by air all week?
You will need to hang from the bars on the airport tram during your speedy shuttle to the baggage claim. You’re giving up some of your pride as other people smirk.

Does your hotel have a gym?
If not, you will need to source the local park or hang from that tree outside your new client’s office. Have fun explaining that. (I mean it. Have fun.)

You can apply this same idea to every other area you need to change, but you NEED to apply it to make the difference.

That’s the first step in your journey upwards. Good luck.

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