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Local is back

Local is back

Are you on Facebook?

If you are, then on your birthday, you’ve probably experienced what I’m about to describe. It’s illuminating.

On my birthday, just like you, I hear from friends, family, old co-workers etc. Here is how the birthday wishes roll out for me:

  • 80% – Facebook posts on my page
  • 10% – Facebook messenger notes
  • 7% – Text messages from people who actually have my number
  • 3% – Phone calls

Now, I didn’t actually tally the numbers but you get the point, and chances are you’ve experienced the same. (and please don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the notes on Facebook.)

Now rewind many, many, moons ago to the years just after undergrad, when I was a fledgling engineer working on projects around the country. This was at a time when even if we had text messaging, it was much less convenient (222=C, 2=A, 8=T) and AOL was still sending CDs in the mail.

Back then I carried a Franklin planner, that I lived by. Every morning I flipped the page, reviewed my notes and to-do list, and checked the calendar for anniversaries, birthdays and important dates. I’d then make the calls to those people, often leaving a message just to acknowledge their special day and to let them know that they are important.

That simple practice nurtured many of my longest lasting relationships, and fortified my incredible friendships and network.

And as I reviewed the incredible amount of well wishes I received for my birthday, I also see a simple way to become 97th percentile in just one step. By going back to a few key analog behaviors in this very digital time, I can go to the top 3% in a very positive way in my friends lives.

And so can you.

Now, what OTHER simple changes can we make that would jump us to the front of the line in other areas of our lives? Hmmmm… sounds like a discussion on habits is in order 🙂


-Coach Be

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