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Meditation vs Our Breakfast Routine

Meditation vs Our Breakfast Routine

If you’re living the E4A habits, then there are a few practices which you may often find in conflict with each other.

Of those, two habits, the practice of which are locked in a death-match for the ages are:

Morning meditation and Breakfast 30/30.

Both of these incredibly powerful habits are powerful positive influences on our progress, and they are both key to our success. However, they also both compete for our attention during the first time slot of the day.

Here’s a note from Dara, one of our Premier Coaching students:

“Tomorrow we need to discuss how to get food in within 30 min if I am doing 20 min meditation. I tend to try to get a daily meditation in during the evenings not in the AM.”

Well, instead of me giving you my 2 cents on the topic, I asked my meditation guru, Light Watkins to help us with an explanation. Light knows the E4A habits and has had great success as a result of the coaching. As a matter fact, I spoke to him last night to explain the rationale behind antagonist muscle group training. I’ll explain that later.

Here’s what he had to offer on the topic:

I’d like for you to treat your meditation like an extension of your sleep, because it’s purpose is to rest the body at least as deep as sleep, if not deeper.

Therefore, make your official waking up time the time your meditation ends (this only applies if meditation is the very first thing you do each morning upon awakening). Getting the additional rest from meditation will assist you in dropping weight, increasing your metabolism, and enjoy better digestion.

So there you have it from the guru himself! Let this guidance simplify your mornings and leave your braincells for other important decisions like, say, carbs before of after training…

That’s the tip of the iceberg. There are tons of tiny details like this to decode. If you’re interested in help, consider joining us for coaching.

-Coach Be

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