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Part 2: The Power of Thinking Bigger

Part 2: The Power of Thinking Bigger

Almost 2 weeks ago, E4A student Kyle Gurkovich attempted to set the world record for most pull-ups in 24 hours for a third time.

For months leading up to the event, he planned and prepared.

  • How would we prevent the injuries that hampered his previous effort?
  • What had we learned on the previous two successful attempts?
  • What needed to change in order for us to improve and succeed at the even higher level of challenge?
  • At some point along the path “It” happened.

About a month into the training schedule we were informed that the record had been updated and increased by over 1800 reps. That’s a huge jump.

So, without blinking an eye, Gurk says, well, I guess were doing 7000 reps 🙂 Just like that, the goal had jumped. The plan was inadequate and we needed to compress the training to cover more ground in less time.

The big day was upon us and due to the increased pace, by the halfway mark, 12 hours into the event, the count was at 90% of what had formerly taken Kyle 24 hours to achieve.

Let me say it again: By halftime, the score was almost what it had previously taken the full time to achieve.

How is this possible? What made the difference?

I’ve seen it before and recognize it as the impact of thinking bigger, and it’s powerful.

So, I’d like you to think about this: What limits have you empowered in your life? What would happen if you planned on doubling your output?

What’s REALLY possible?

(Note: I mistakenly called my note yesterday “The power of thinking bigger” when it should have been something more about staying in the moment and flexible 🙂 So this one is part 2.)

What if you HAD to do more?
(“How MUCH more, Kobe Bryant?”)

-Coach Be

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