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At Eating For Abs, we're dedicated to a single purpose — helping people reach their health and body goals.

We believe that lasting weight loss, fat loss and athletic performance are all founded on platform of great health. Health is happiness, and a little weight loss helps too.

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Eating for Abs Scavenger Hunt


Join our meetup events, designed for you to have fun, practice a little E4A living, and share some quality face time.

scav-hunt-logoThe Eating For Abs scavenger hunt is a living introduction to the E4A lifestyle including great food, great people and body moving.  Its part E4A family reunion, part competitive city tour, part nutrition easter egg hunt, and ALL big fun.

You and your team will receive a list of clues from the coaches and then work together to find or create the best solutions – on your terms. Rest when you want, move how you want.  You’ll meet other E4A alumni, hang with the coaches, trainers, chefs and team, all whose main job is to make sure you’re having FUN.



Register below for either event.  Cost is $30 USD per person and includes the best lunch you’ve had in a long time with the friends that your parents always wished you hung out with when you were a kid 😉

REGISTER HERE >>> March 4th in Washington, DC


What should you bring? Well that’s really up to you.  On the absolutely necessary side would be a smart phone with a camera and Instagram (1 per team), and some pocket cash to get around, and maybe a hand towel to catch your sweat.  Other than that whatever your imagination demands.

The events run from 10am to 2:30pm. Then, depending on how you feel, anything can happen, the city is yours!

Your Team:

Register as an individual but you compete in teams of 3-4 (recommended). If you don’t already have teammates or a whole team in mind, just show up at the start point and we’ll match you up there.

Start Point and Instagram:

You’ll receive your starting point via email the week of the event. On site you’ll provide us your team’s Instagram handle (each team needs only one) and your coaches will make sure you have ours.


How to Win

Well, if you’re joining us, then you’ve ALREADY won, but…

Once you receive your clue list at the starting point, you and your team will formulate your plan of attack. The goal is to get the most points while matching the timeline your coaches have planned.  The clues are scored based on most creative presentation of a correct solution.  TEAMWORK COUNTS, so be sure everyone is included for maximum credit.

Bonus Points: you earn them by doing extra special things – some are in the clue list, others are up to you. BE AS CREATIVE AS POSSIBLE. Correct + Cool… WINS!  Bonus Points are awarded at the discretion of your coaches.

PRIZES: It pays to be a winner!

The winning team members will each receive the grand prize: One Month of E4A fat loss coaching! In the event of a tie, your coach is prepared to execute a tiebreak as needed.

The Rules:

  • Team members must remain together at ALL times.
  • All modes of transportation are allowed EXCEPT private vehicular transport (i.e. friend or team member behind the wheel).
  • Post photos of your team solving the various clues and tag our @eatingforabs Instagram handle. Coaches will reply when appropriate.
  • You must have all your team members in the photo to receive credit. No exceptions, find a way.
  • Meet people. Experience cool places. Have major fun!


Event rosters are finalized 48 hours before the event. Make sure you and your friends are signed up! There are no refunds for cancellation of failure to appear.

REGISTER HERE >>> March 4th in Washington, DC