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On Activity: Be Plastic-Man AND He-Man

On Activity: Be Plastic-Man AND He-Man

When I was a kid I had a bunch of different action figures.

The star wars figures came in 12″ tall or 4″ tall. In either case they could only move at the shoulders and waist. The GI Joe figures were way better as they had elbows and knees, as well they could tilt their head and rotate their wrist.

The two standout action figures which will bring me to my point, trust me, were Stretch Armstrong and He-Man.

Stretch Armstrong was, as you can imagine, super flexible. You could bend him into a pretzel shape if you wanted to. He-Man had all the muscle in the action figure world, but like the star wars guys, he was super rigid and couldn’t bend at the knee or elbows.

Now here’s the lesson: In your training, you want to be BOTH.

Many of us either fall into one or two camps when it comes to fitness. We either train for rock solid muscle or we’re in the yoga/runner camp. The truth is, we need both.

Lift heavy. It’s great for keeping our bones healthy and of course we build strong muscles, and also undo some of the damage we do to ourselves sitting at our desk all day.

Stretch deeply. That’ll help us prevent injuries and imbalances, and stay flexible.

You may find yourself leaning to one side or the other, but the thing to do is to make room in your week for BOTH. Lift like He-Man (or She-Ra) and stretch like… Stretch.

Have a great day.

-Coach Be

PS: That’s the tip of the iceberg. There are tons of tiny details like this to decode. If you’re interested in help, consider joining us for coaching.

One of the keys to our success helping people to make massive strides toward their best self is our 4 pronged approach to lasting change: Environment, Activity, Rest and Nutrition.

Too often, people seeking to make meaningful change and lasting progress work just one of these avenues, making their effort as stable as a one legged stool.

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