Tips on Beating Sugar Addiction with Actress Wendy Davis

wendy vs sugar


It’s one of the main elements of our diet that causes us to accumulate fat. What’s even worse it that it’s everywhere.

Restaurants are adding it to your meals. It’s loaded into your soft drinks, breads, and even your “healthy” snacks. Oh, and did I mention that it’s also addictive?

Sounds impossible, right? Losing weight, specifically excess body fat sure can be tough. The only chance we’ve got is to increase our know-how, and work to maximize our chances of success by shaping our environment and building great habits. That’s the essence of The Ultimate Nutrition Course. We streamline the process for learning behaviors that streamline the process.

Listen in as Coach Be discusses a few fundamental behaviors for success with actress and mom Wendy Davis, who plays Lt. Col. Joan Burton on Lifetime’s “Army Wives”. Wendy is working to improve her health and body through lifestyle change. She has introduced more activity via Crossfit, and is working through a 28 day Paleo diet challenge.

Real people need tangible solutions to tackle the sugar monster. Take a listen.




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  • JanelleYoung

    Reply Reply May 16, 2013

    This is my biggest problem. Being an emotional eater sugar seems to be what I reach for first, but I have also found that it is all in the mind. Once I reach for something I ask myself do I really want that, usually the answer is no. I am beginning to re-train myself and I have cut down my sugar intake dramatically.

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