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5 BIG Fitness Mistakes You’re Making Right Now

5 BIG Fitness Mistakes You’re Making Right Now

So, you’re following the best advice you could find in hopes of turning it all around.  Getting your energy back, achieving great health, and ridding yourself of the excess fat that’s hiding your arms, legs and of course those hard earned abs.

If you’re smart 😉 you’ve already joined one of our Eating For Abs courses and are working under the guidance of our coaches and trainers, learning from our chefs, and are on the road to a BIG win!

But even signing up doesn’t guarantee you success.  It’s not enough to just HAVE the information (book/dvd/access to incredibly talented coaches), ALL of our results GOOD AND BAD are based on practice.

We are what we eat and do… CONSISTENTLY.

As we’ve coached hundreds of people successfully toward successfully achieving their health, body and performance goals, we’ve also seen the common pitfalls.

Check yourself on these TODAY and drastically increase your progress.

1. Seeing a fall as the end.


One of my favorite quotes is “The sign says STOP, it doesn’t say STAY!” I don’t know who said it.  When you say it, just credit ME 🙂

Our course starts out at what people think is a slow pace.  That’s because they often enter with expectations of “going hard” from day 1.  They want to do what they’ve done every other time they’ve attempted to get it together, which would of course end like every other attempt; in failure.

So while it SEEMS slow, what we really do is take the time to give folks the opportunity to build a NEW skill; GETTING UP after they’s fallen off the wagon!

If you’ve perhaps never ridden a wagon in real life, it would be pretty irresponsible of us to speed.  Why? You ARE GOING TO FALL OFF. Now is the time to learn to get right back up and back on.

2. Not lifting heavy


Imagine hammering a nail into a 2×4.  You know how its done, and you can probably do it, right?  OK now same situation, only this time you’ll be using a nerf hammer.  Real nails, nerf hammer.  Sound effective?  Heck NO.

This is the mistake many of us make when we’re working toward our body goals, especially women.  Ladies, I PROMISE you, you won’t look like a guy if you lift heavy. As a matter of fact putting on the kind of muscle that you might be afraid of doesn’t happen by accident.

What you came for requires your body to adapt.  In order to achieve the adaptations that cause you to lost body fat and increase all of your good numbers, reduce your bad ones and reclaim your energy, you’ll have to push your body out of it’s comfort zone.

Lose the sissy-colored weights, double your resistance, and when that gets too easy, do it again. (once you get your doctor’s clearance to workout of course) 🙂

3. Skipping the Warm-up


This one will be short and sweet.  You say you’re pressed for time, the gym is busy, you didn’t feel like coming today anyway, so “let me just get in here and get this over with.”  You then summarily skip the warm up, mobility exercises, stretching, and dig into your first set of dead lifts.

That’s a sure fire path to injury and disappointment.  If the guy in the photo above looks like he’s having fun, then you’re about to have a blast.

Yes, that was sarcasm.  Just answer this one question for me and we’ll move on: “What’s the harm in doing it?”

4. Believing your own excuses


The absolute most influential person that you know is guess who? YOU!

You listen to YOU.  Any good coach worth his salt knows that getting you to change and move toward your goal is an inside job.  We’re your PARTNER. We can’t herd you like sheep, or sit on the “other side of the table” telling you what to do.  We’re not the opposition.

Our job is to LISTEN to you, ASK YOU about what you believe, and figure out how we can collectively navigate the requirements of the course.  That’s going to require the story you are already telling yourself to change.

People who say they can do it, and people who say they can’t are both usually right.

5. Not tracking the important stuff


Put a knife through your scale.

OK maybe not literally, but at a minimum hide that sucker in the storage closet and don’t visit more than once a week, once a month if that’s too painful.

Why?  Because we’ve given the scale too much power and influence over us.  It’s got a direct line to our emotions and our emotions really like ice cream.  Even worse, the scale is an incomplete measure.  Meaning it doesn’t tell you what’s happening with you because IT DOESNT KNOW.  Asking the scale to gauge your progress losing fat is like asking a clock about the weather. No comprendo.

The scale can only tell you what the combined sum of your body weighs.  OK, but how much of that is fat?  How much of that is muscle, bone, ligaments, or water? How much fat do you have compared to what you had a month ago?  And is it possible that I can weight the same or even more, but my clothes are all looser?  Absolutely. See the photo above.

You need to be measuring other things.  Try your girth, your body fat %, key blood variables, resting heart rate, the list goes on.

But don’t take MY word for it…

Quia is an alumni of the Eating For Abs Nutrition Course, a mom, and a jet-setting career woman.

When she participated in the course, she made progress, but nothing like the progress she’s made a year later, after starting again.  What was the difference? Fear of the unknown leading to less than fully dedicated PRACTICE (there’s that word again).

In her words…

Quia Q.By nature, many of us are afraid of the unknown and around this time last year Eating for Abs was the unknown for me. I was about 60% committed to the program and bent the rules often. I saw some results but they came a lot slower than if I would have just followed instructions. In January 2014, before I set foot back into the gym, I restarted my Eating for Abs lessons from the beginning. I was already down two pounds in 30 days before I integrated the workout. This year, because I understand what it takes, and I know what to expect, my results have been amazing. I’m stronger, my body is more defined than ever, and even my “skinny” clothes are loose. I tell people all the time that the best thing about Eating for Abs is that you’re not reliant on a product, a rigid meal plan, or calorie counting. Once you learn it, it’s yours forever and you can always come back and start from scratch if you fall off the wagon.

Find out more about The Ultimate Nutrition Course, and 1-on-1 coaching at EatingForAbs.com

You can clean these behaviors up TODAY and be well on your way to better results.
-Coach Be

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