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The power of thinking bigger

The power of thinking bigger

Hey, good afternoon.

I’m fresh off the plane from Tampa, having had my first few days completely off in a while. My daughter just successfully ended a 4 year run at University of Tampa, achieving the Dean’s list and graduating with honors and completing the honors program in the School of Business.

We are all very proud of her and her effort.

After all of the pomp and circumstance I was able to steal away some time and have a conversation of HUGE importance with her, on the topic of owning things vs things owning us.

Based on the 4 large size rolling luggage bags full of clothes not to mention the small carry on size ones and boxes that she shipped home, I’m concerned that she’s stepped into the trap. It’s hard convincing someone that they can like and appreciate things without owning them. We’re all a little addicted to the rush of newness, aren’t we?

But she has an opportunity that can’t be overstated. She has the freedom of choice with minimal consequence, right now.

Think for a minute about your current obligations. They may include mortgage or rent, car payment, insurance, if you have kids, getting them off to school and to sports practice, even walking the dog.

If you wanted to pick up and move to Cartagena (romancing the stone) you’d have a lot to consider. The responsibilities that we accumulate can ground us for better and for worse. She doesn’t realize it yet, but the strength to the position she’s in now is flexibility.

This may be a little off the topic of what we should be eating to get lean, or what our training should be in order to reach our body goals, but I think it’s equally important.

The big lesson we learn in E4A is that relationship is everything. Our relationships to everything (food, stress, partner, money, the dog) impact our state of being. So my advice to my daughter is the same as my advice to you:

Stay lean. Appreciate without consuming. And true strength is flexibility.

Have a wonderful afternoon,

-Coach Be

PS: I’m recording a new podcast series, Coach Be Daily, which is an extension of the popular daily videos we used to record. I’ll be answering your questions on the show, so jot them down.

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