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At Eating For Abs, we're dedicated to a single purpose — helping people reach their health and body goals.

We believe that lasting weight loss, fat loss and athletic performance are all founded on platform of great health. Health is happiness, and a little weight loss helps too.

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Join our Canary Class and Be Among the First to Use our New E4A Members Portal

Join our Canary Class and Be Among the First to Use our New E4A Members Portal

Built on life-changing nutrition, “death defying” training, science (you shouldn’t need an adjective for science) and supported by world-class coaches, The Ultimate Nutrition Course is about to jump to a new level.

Our new members platform will make your journey to healthy, lean and strong living more accessible and simpler to attain.

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If you receive our emails you know that we’ve been working on upgrades to the way we guide student through The Ultimate Nutrition Course.

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Click Here if You’re Interested in Joining Our Test Group

Improving on Excellence

A lot has changed already. For example, support has evolved to what I think is the absolute best medium possible: weekly, live, “office hours” coaching calls. Students and subscribed alumni can now join us weekly to discuss their progress through the course lessons, and tactics and strategies for success. Those are fantastic, as we’re able to really untangle some knots and take a look at specific situations together.

Tracking, tracking, tracking…

Next up, we’ve brought everything that you’ll have to do for the day on one page. Lessons for the day, homework, and training, all in one place on your mobile device, or desktop, and easily downloadable for printing. For tracking, as you complete each action, simply mark it complete and move on. The system will keep score so that you know exactly how you’re doing, and your coach can keep up with your compliance.

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We’re making it super easy for students to track your progress. As you progress through the course you’ll submit progress photos, girth measurements, body fat and weight, etc.  As you do, the system will graph your progress for each measurement over time, as well as give you a one stop shop for comparing your photos.

platform 6

Tracking your Macros (or… “what the heck are those?”)

For times you’ll want to track your food intake, your dashboard is integrated with your myfitnesspal account, bringing all of your information together, for you and your coach. This creates an environment for closed loop feedback. As you do, we’ll see and can give you feedback and guidance.

“So how do I get it?”

It all sounds great doesn’t it?  In all honestly, it is, but there’s something we need to do before we open the opportunity to the world.  We need to test it!  That means YOU, and we’re willing to hook you up in order to make that happen.

So here’s the deal, enrolling a small group of students to be a part of what we’re calling our “Canary Class.” Here’s what you get:
Membership to The Ultimate Nutrition Course: Coaching, Training, and Nutrition Lessons
First Access to our New Portal: Giving you access to all of our new integrations and features.
Access to our Weekly Office Hours Coaching Calls
A 25% Discount on the Course for participating in exchange for your feedback
A E4A “Canary Class” Tee-Shirt or Tank top.

Click the link below if you’re interested in joining us for our launch this month. Entry will be provided on a first come, first serve basis, and we look forward to showing you the product of our hard work.

-Coach Be Moore

Click Here if You’re Interested in Joining Our Test Group


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