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At Eating For Abs, we're dedicated to a single purpose — helping people reach their health and body goals.

We believe that lasting weight loss, fat loss and athletic performance are all founded on platform of great health. Health is happiness, and a little weight loss helps too.

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Special Training: Data Point 1

Time to Take Data Point



[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]You’ve been working hard in the gym and the kitchen for 6 weeks solid.

The truth is you are NOT in the same body you were when we started. You’ve challenged your balance, you’ve tested muscle and movements that likely haven’t been tried in years. As a result you are ready for the big leagues. BUT, before we jump into the deep end of the pool we’re going to take a data point. For the next two weeks, you’re going to perform 2 very challenging workouts and a fitness test.

One key difference you will notice immediately is that we have set minimum weights for many of the movements we’ve prescribed. That DOESN’T mean that you should only perform the minimum weights, it simply means that you shouldn’t go below them. Let your desire and your ability be your guide. The second major change that you will notice is that the fitness test is a timed workout. This means that you’ll need a stopwatch to time yourself through completion. Any breaks you take are included in your time.

Don’t worry, there is no competition. This is truly YOU vs. YOU so give it your best. While working out can and should be safe, it should never be comfortable. As always, train safely but stay focused. By accepting the discomfort that comes with training, give yourself the power to push your own boundaries just a little. It’s time to see where that can take you.[/text_block]

Let’s get started.



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Support, Support, Support…

All the while you’re making this series of single changes in your day, you’ll have questions.  We encourage you to ask us directly!  Our coaches and mentors can help untangle and knots.  Also you’ll be innovating!  Your solutions to issues will be hugely helpful to other people in the class, so again we want you to share.  You can post questions to us on the “Coach.Me” app or website as well.  We win together.[/text_block]