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At Eating For Abs, we're dedicated to a single purpose — helping people reach their health and body goals.

We believe that lasting weight loss, fat loss and athletic performance are all founded on platform of great health. Health is happiness, and a little weight loss helps too.

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Men’s Training Phase 2

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Playing with Fire…

You know a lot more about your body than you did a short 8 weeks ago. Along with your strength and fitness, you’ve improved your mobility and awareness – and have built a great foundation for yourself. While you should feel great, this is more than just feeling good; this is also about performing better.

You should now be at home with many of the movements in your program – enough to execute them at a high level of effort without compromising their quality. This marriage of intensity and form is going to pay off when it comes to making your training sessions more productive than ever.

Just like last phase, you’ll continue to work at a faster pace. You’ll notice that rest only comes at the end of a grouping. Again, this means you’ll not only have to keep things moving but you’ll have to organize your exercise stations to facilitate that.

Your primary goal during this phase is to become friends with feeling uncomfortable. You’re going to chase that sensation in two different ways. First, you’re going to take things just a little further than ever before when it comes to tolerating that burning feeling in your muscles. Then, you’re going to push the boundaries of your own mobility. Seek out that discomfort by playing around at the edges of any given movement. Find out where your body is reluctant to go and then push it just a little bit – in every single direction.

While working out can and should be safe, it should never be comfortable. As always, train safely but stay focused. By accepting the discomfort that comes with training, give yourself the power to push your own boundaries just a little. It’s time to see where that can take you.
Keep up the good work!

Keep up the good work!



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Support, Support, Support…

All the while you’re making this series of single changes in your day, you’ll have questions.  We encourage you to ask us directly!  Our coaches and mentors can help untangle and knots.  Also you’ll be innovating!  Your solutions to issues will be hugely helpful to other people in the class, so again we want you to share.  You can post questions to us on the “Coach.Me” app or website as well.  We win together.[/text_block]