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Whoever smell’t it, dealt it – Coach Be: Daily

Whoever smell’t it, dealt it – Coach Be: Daily

It’s normal to pass gas.

Yes falls, the ladies DO toot also, no matter what you believe when you’re dating in your 20s.

Super frequent gas, or bloating isn’t normal, however. Chances are it’s your diet. Processed snacks, excessive sugar, dairy and wheat are common problem starters.

Want to turn things around? Here are a few steps:

Relax and slow down. Eat slowly. You’re food isn’t going anywhere unless it’s alive and has legs. (Side note: have you seen the video circling the net of the squirming octopus dish in Japan?)

Try a digestive enzyme supplement with your meals.

Eat dinner early. Eating late can lead to indigestion and diminished absorption of nutrients by depleting stomach fluids when they are going in to rest mode.

Eat smaller meals. No need to stuff yourself. Food is plentiful.

-Coach Be

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Coach Be: Daily

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